Diddy Kong Racing

Nintendo 64 - 1997

Speed Run (2:37:24)

Stefan Mahrla:
Single-segment 100%, European version 2:37:24 Here is my 100% speedrun for the N64 game "Diddy Kong Racing". I call it a 100% run, because I do the last (fifth) trophy race which can be skipped and I also unlock the secret character Drumstick. These two things could be skipped in an any percent run. All other things like the TT amulet, the first four trophy races and the magical amulet can't be skipped (as far as I know). Back to the run: I used Bumper. He and Banjo seem to be the fastest characters besides Krunch, TT and Drumstick. However, TT and Drumstick are secret characters and this is a "new game run", so I couldn't start the run with them. Krunch's handling is the worst in the game. Never use him. So then I had to decide between Bumper and Banjo, but because Bumpers handling was a bit better for me, I took him. During the run I use all advanced techniques: rapidly pressing the A button to go faster, going off the A button before zippers, snaking, barrel rolling, wallboosting, ..., but I want to mention that I used no turbo controller. I change the course map to the speedometer at the beginning of the game. So you can see that my speed isn't always constant and that no turbo controller was used. - The Run - Before the run starts I go into the cheat menu to ... well, to enter a few cheats ;) No not really. I just turn off the secret characters, so that I can unlock Drumstick again during the run. * Main World: After the opening you have to collect 4 ballons from the main world. You actually only need one ballon to enter the first world, but then you could only do the first three races. So I collected all 4 ballons at the beginning to not go back later. * Dino World: I start with Jungle Falls and then always go to the track next to it. So no weird driving from the door with 1 ballon to the door with 2 ballons, etc. The CPU drivers are really bad in the first worlds. You sometimes even lap them in your second lap. And lapping them always takes time, because you have to drive around them. In Ancient Lake I collect the key for the Fire Mountain bonus game. Besides missing a blue ballon or hitting a wall for a second, the races are quite good. The first big mistake is in Jungle Falls silver coin challenge, where I miss a silver coin in lap 1. Then in lap 2 I want to do a crazy jump over the water to get it. But I hit the wall on the other side and land in the water. The second dino boss also includes two stupid mistakes ;) At least the bonus game and the trophy race don't include any (big) additional mistakes. * Main World: The car challenge is one of my favourite races. Get the ballon and then change to plane to enter the snow world. * Snow World: In Frosty Village, the CPUs hit me in the tunnel so that I miss a zipper. In Snowball Valley I get the key and restart the race. The boss is the easiest in the game, I think. Just do a turbo start and then snake to the end. No bubbles or flames you have to worry about. The rest of the world was ok. Maybe Walrus Cove silver coin challenge and the Icicle Pyramid could be a bit better. * Main World: ****, I missed the turbo start in the hover challenge. But I think that's the only failed turbo start in the whole run. Taj's start wasn't better. So no problem to win the challenge. * Water World: I tested to get the key in Crescent Island and then drive back onto the track. But it was faster to restart the race after collecting the key. I don't use the small shortcut at the end of the track, because in 1 of 2 races I get stuck in this shortcut and loose at least 5 seconds. So I played it save. The first boss was good, but the second time I get hit by one of his bubbles at the start, because I hit the left wall. One of the worst mistakes in the run. But as usual, it was still no problem to win the race. For Darkwater Beach I used an easy and effective strategy, where you just collect the red ballon near the start and shoot the CPUs. The rest of this world was again quite good. * Main World: The barrel rolls are hard. You sometimes do a salto instead of a roll. This happens two times in the plane challenge. * Dragon World: I collect the key in Boulder Canyon during the actual run. Restarting would be slower. At the end I take the left path, which is sligthly longer. But on the other way you sometimes get stuck on the trunks in the water (like I did in lap 3 before the bridge). In Haunted Woods, why don't I get a turbo from the zipper in lap 3, although I clearly drive over it? As in the water world, I make a big mistake the second time I race the boss. I get hit by his flames two times. I miss two coins in Greenwood Village silver coin challenge. One coin is out of the normal way, so I had to turn around to get it (instead of collecting it in the next lap, how I did with the other missed coin). In Smokey Castle you just get the same bananas five times and deliver them to your box. Really easy level, as long as the CPUs don't shoot you. * Main World: Now that I have all amulets and trophy races, I can unlock Drumstick. But of course, the frog with the red thing on his head has to be in the most stupid position: in the water. With the plane you can't crush him in the water, so first I had to get him out of it. After a few tries I finally catched him. Next time I will use the car to unlock him! Stupid ****. Then I fly into Wizpig's mouth to race him. I missed two zippers, but I'm satisfied with this run. Now watch the ending and credits... Well, that's not the real ending. Like most Rare games, Diddy Kong Racing also includes a secret world. So let's do Future Fun Land now. You have to choose your character again, but this time I use Drumstick, because I just unlocked him and he is a bit faster than Bumper. * Main World: Drive to the lighthouse and hoot near the 'trophy race'-sign. Now you will be warped to the fifth world. * Future Fun Land: The car tracks aren't that good for Drumstick. His handling isn't so good and you have to break a lot in Darkmoon Caverns and Star City. But in the plane tracks he is really an advantage. He is even better than TT (the clock) in some plane tracks, including Spacedust Alley and Spaceport Alpha (at least the WRs are done with Drumstick on these tracks). And the last boss is also a plane track. So all in all, Drumstick should be an advantage compared to Bumper. In this world there is no "first boss". So after the fourth race, you can instantly do the silver coin challenges. The silver coin challenge in Spacedust Alley is probably the worst race in the run. I hit so many walls, miss a coin, barrel roll into a stone, etc. Compared to other worlds, the CPU puts many obstacles in your way. So you see me a few times driving over an oil spot (especially in Star City) ;) After the silver coin races, you are warped to the last boss. But I said this run is 100%, so I still had to do the last trophy race. And watching the ending & credits after the last boss takes a long time, so I just return to the lobby and do the last trophy race. Then after obtaining the trophy, I go back to Wizpig 2. But what is a speedrun without a mistake at the end? Yeah, my run is no exception. You will see what I am talking about ;) Whoo, after I finish the race, the game is over. Lean back and watch the real ending.
[1] Killcrone
[2] Genesis X
  But i didn't like it when you restarted the race at snowball valley, with your skills you should've been able to win that race no prob  
[3] Derrick
[4] ~Not A DkFan~
  Who cares if he restarted? We all do it. Great video  
[5] jonny
  i miss Diddy Kong Racing... nice drifting:0  
[6] Nirewolf
  Ugh, I used to HATE using those hovercrafts! This is a really good run, though. I never made it to Future Fun Land, so this is my first time ever seeing it.  
[7] imnotthatgreat
  Wow u lapped them a cuple of times thats pretty crazy  
[8] newb
  wow.... amazing is all i can say  
[9] DAVD
[10] Somedude
  For me it stops when you get the 2nd key: can someone post this on Youtube please?I so want to see this,since I love seeing very skilled players  
[11] Rando
  Brought back memories. Great stuff.  
[12] video maniac
  this is crazy i always crashed in snowvalley and the great pig always win me without cheating  
[13] caleb
  i alwaays thought that pipsy was the fastest besides krunch, tt, and drumstick. but good job  
[14] ForsakenXaRcH
  Holy crap u keep overlapping everyone omg!!!!!  
[15] Eddie T
  one word for this speed run.....AMAZING  
[16] Some Guy
  Why didn't you use any of the items you picked up? The whole game's fun depends on them...can you make a video with you using them,not another run.  
[17] anonymous
[18] zebrin
  Amazing speed run... Beat my times ### by very much... how do you do it? (Comment in the form of a haiku...)  
[19] slaves290
  Yo i got to ask you something. how do you video tape yourself playing? (anyone can answer this question)  
[20] chaff
  man, ur skills are so nice! congratz! thx for the real finish, i didn't mean that...  
[22] Jake
  Bet your friends hate playing against you in this game :). Awesome job.  
[23] bman
  Excellent run man far better than mine i always had problems racing wizpig lol but you make it look simple :D. Great job keep up the good work.  
[24] Joel(continuing)
  i have this game project641.6.i could tell you how to get it.1:Download the emulator at emulator zone.com.2:Go to coolrom.com.download the roms.For example:super smash bros.Have fun.  
[25] Joel
  Why did you use Drumstick instead of bumper in futurefunland? I loved youre run.  
[26] alex
  this video is cool. Nice playing, and thanks.  
[27] Dylan
  You are great at this game Stefan I wish I was great at this game  
[28] Tai
  Good job :3 :D  
[2] Genesis X
  You're very talented and skillful  
[3] Whitedwarf
  I absolutely love this game first game i got on n64  
[4] Stranksy
  That was AWSOME... but I wonder.. why didn't you use TT for Future Fun Land? I mean, no offense, but we didn't watch this for COMPLETE authenticity, we watched it for an awsome racer doing some... well... awsome races! thats just my opinon though =p GOOD JOB!  
[5] Invadertron
  Yep. Everyone restarts. Good job man. You are the best racer. In the history of all racers  
[6] soramay
  You make me so bad. i will never play a raceing game agian!!!!!! i stink  
[7] djlamar2
  nicely done. that pig guy mustve been hard.  
[8] BreakingDragon
  Lol i see wat u mean by "whats a run without a few mistakes" XD thats pretty funny nice job ur totally amazing.!  
[9] Banjo360
  Can you play tt's selection music please?????  
[10] dez
  i see why you restarted at snowball valley it was so you could get the key  
[11] Syrael
  very nice, but slow loading..  
[12] camoman
  teh weirdest thing happened to my game ...!one day i woke up and i was in future fun land(but i never even got close to getting there)noone else could have played it for me , and tehn the next day it was all back to NORMAL . it was amost creepy.  
[13] Rory
  wow, i've only watched the first track so faran i already think you rock at this game!  
[14] Cody Winkler
  amazing drifts so far the first race u did was amazing I went and tried it and did 80% as good and I tried 15 times XD I had never beaten this whole game I always got stuck in the 4th zone on the boss thnx for the run amazing job who cares about reseting btw we all reset all the time imagnie trying to do what he did without reseting  
[15] ty
  My best character is pipsy and I was unbeatable with her!  
[16] meghann
  This was awesome. I appreciated that you didn't cheat at all - it was really fun to watch - excellent skills, dude.  
[17] jazz
  i have this for ds and n64 and is one of the best games i have im only up to dragon forest though.  
[18] kev
  yay its very good  
[19] Jake
[20] ?????
  could anyone help me here how do you getto dragon forest thanks  
[21] d4rKsHaDoW
  Your crazy.  
[22] Matador
  Jeje i too 100% with banjo  
[23] Bman
  Excellent video run i remember having this game the only hard time i had was racing wizpig lol well done keep it up.  
[24] Joel
  i love diddy kong racing.its the best game on N64.by the way,cool speed run.  
[25] Joel(contiuing)
  Did you beat adventure two?did you play the DS version of the game?If you read my last comment did you get project641.6?You are cool.See yah later.  
[26] beto
  you are great in this game!!!!!!i love ddkr when i play with my cousins!!!  
[27] Dylan
  I like this game but I don't have it anymore I have Diddy kong racing Ds  
[28] Yasu
  Nice :D  

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From Wikipedia: Diddy Kong Racing is a racing video game developed and published by Rare for the Nintendo 64. It was first released on 14 November 1997 in Japan, 21 November 1997 in Europe and 24 November 1997 in North America.
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