PC - 2004

Speed run - 1:25:11

Peter Knutsson:
Doom 3 Speed run - nightmare difficulty. This is a project that has been going on for several months and I even restarted the run from scratch twice because I wasn't satisfied with the result. The planning started back in August 2005 and I guess that the time it took to finish this is a good measurement for how hard it is to speedrun this game on nightmare. This is probably one of the hardest things you can do in any FPS game. When Jérôme "tagh_azog" Bouzillard got his 1:30 run on marine up the goal became to beat that run, with the difference that I would be running on nightmare instead of marine. There are of course a bunch of differences between a marine run and a nightmare run in style of playing and strategies as well as the choice of shortcuts and time savers. -First of all, some things that I can't do are rocket/grenade/barrel jumping, a single explosion bring you down to negative health (instant death) when you have full health and armour. -Many shortcuts that involve taking damage can't be used, the damage system for nightmare makes everything deal a ton of damage and often result in instant death. -All medkits are removed, only way to restore health is to use health stations or the soul cube. -You receive the soul cube in level 2 when playing on nightmare, this allow for some new strategies which actually make some parts faster on nightmare, for example the first mini boss Vagary can be killed in around 5 seconds compared to around 20 seconds on marine. -Your health drops by 5HP every 5 seconds or so till it reaches 25HP, putting you on a very tight leash in terms of HP. -Many levels are so hard on nightmare so I split many of them into two parts to achieve acceptable times and performance, specially the earlier levels since I have weaker weapons. Don't let my flow fool you, most of the segments required over 200 tries to achieve the end result. -In most levels there are more enemies than on the other difficulties. As usual I never forget to mention people who have helped me in my runs in one way or another. This time they go out to Apathy for proving it was possible to run this game in less than 1:45, tagh_azog for his run where I got a lot of inspiration, some thanks go out to rr.ninty/yiff.fierus for tipping me off on the g_showtriggers command. Lastly thanks go out to all the guys in the forum who followed this project from the start and kept me going with their nice comments with how awesome my run was. They are: Agopo Aquashark Ballofsnow (extra thanks to this guy for technical help regarding the encoding) Henkie InsaneB4st4rd Juncti
[1] flaw236
  Awsome run  
[2] peruvian13
  What a PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
[3] Cucurulu
  ****y , it looked easy.  
[4] Freckyq12
  C´mon , I can beat that  
[5] lolyguy
  freaking boring  
[6] Crux
  Great run dude! Doom3 on nightmare is so freaking hard and you actually accomplished it, something I could never do =)  
[7] youtoo234
  It's freaking psycho killing those guards , btw thanks for posting it , it liked a lot , btw there are some assholes that posted coments that said that was boring, simple or tool asisted game...they don't know what this cool guy means , REALLY BOYS!!!  
[8] anonymous
  you are the man!  
[9] Nuggsy
  Why was his health dropping?  
[10] Platoon
  Man, this game is awesome, and this dude makes the NIGHTMARE looks EASY. I finished the game but in normal mode, and some parts were difficult. NICE JOB!!  
[11] anonymous
  Amazing run dude! You're brilliant  
[12] Delicouspie
  Wow i can hardly bet it on easy let alone that fast, good job dude!  
[13] EvilRyu
  lol ****ing amazing!! i looking to see the Ressurection of Evil speed run  
[14] anonymous
  nice job man.... u r pro >.  
[15] Jaseida
  I love this I usally play games just to watch the cut scenes. You've made my day with this....You rock!  
[16] DoDo MoDo
  y'd u kill all da civilians??? lol  
[17] UltimaKeeper15
  Very good speedrun, its nothing i could of achieved or have the attention span for. In any case, keep up the good work and I hope to see another one of your speedruns in the future.  
[18] 8_8
  Dont shoot ... BAM!  
[19] world-famous-nerd
  wow u did this mad fast u nice but i bet i could whio ur*****in any online game lol good run  
[20] GenesisX
  Anyone who accuses this man of tool assists is talentless *****. Apart from that, nice vid man, you a Pro!  
[21] crazychikn99
  nice i loved it :D i could'nt do that for my life  
[22] the person????
  uhhh why was ur guy dieing in the beggining randomly with no enimies (he was losing health)  
[23] a person
  at 17:00 the guys goes dont shoot and u shoot him wit the shotty LOL so funny but seriously good job dude  
[24] Mike
  yo nice run i cant even finish it in under an hour on Recruit lol i suk  
[25] wee
  omfg i felt like i was on a scary ride killing mutant zombies  
[26] SgtMjr
  yo, that was sick, i've played this game before but like it's scary as hell even watching you playing it it scares me sometimes. goodjob!  
[27] injured
  jesus this took me like two months to beat. ****!  
[28] Bob
  this game looks so boring  
[29] alecjanus
  How long is this video?  
[30] Vintoni
[31] Asq59
  holy crap tat is soooo sweet did you play at night at all cause when I did it scared the ****out of me  
[32] Insaneone
  Very Good dude!! you had some really close moments there hanging around 5HP, was good fun to watch. Great run  
[33] Doom Guy
  This is a legit speed run. Very good job. I'm sure it took much time and practice.  
[2] lilbao
  nice job! u gave first timers a good glance of the game.  
[3] Diego
  I guess that with the limitations that gives you the Nightmare mode , you did an important achivement  
[4] 007
  No surprise  
[5] han049
  Awsome job with the run! I have a question.In the video why did you kill the 3 soldiers in the level when you got the pistol?  
[6] Crush
  han049 - He kills the first 3 guards in the level so it can charge the soul cube. You get it very early in the nightmare difficulty.  
[7] Hungryheartz
[8] Angelfromhell91
  Awesome video!  
[9] Isaac
  Holy flying llamas, you're incredible! I really have to wonder how you manage to speed the dman thing without rocket/barrel jumping, but still be so god**** awesome!  
[10] NocturneD85
  This is weird, on easy mode I'm making those shots too and those things don't go down in one shot even when I aim towards the torso at very close range, i can barely even aim for the head because I'm always under heavy fire...The run is good by the way...  
[11] Taion12
  If you plan on trying this again show cutscenes ive played this once and only got to the third level I need to know what happens afterwards so cutscenes would be good.  
[12] DUM@SS
[13] Matt
  dude this was awsome,it help alot because im still working on nighmare but thanks alot!  
[14] funel
  it looked scary! But it also looked fun. Anyone who thinks they could do better go on!  
[15] playinhalo2day
  good job made me look like a noob haha 2 bad i can pwn you in gow...but still embarrased me  
[16] Jaseida
  Next time will you please leave in the cut scenes.  
[17] Monkeh
  Rofl "dont shoot"... BAM!!!!!  
[18] Lontavius
  I want to play my doom 3 but my Computer suck i need to buy some stuff for it or buy a new Computer that all every suped up  
[19] Floyd13
  Yo! Theres this mechanical voice that sounds like it's saying both "I'm sorry" and "I'm not sorry" does anyone know what it's really saying.  
[20] Belial
  Holy crap, very impressive.  
[21] Kibumbi
  This run is very obsolete by now. Around November last year I started a rerun but progress is slow right now because I have other things to take care of. I have finished up to Monorail Skybridge and the improvement has already reached like 6-7 minutes, and the final time is estimated to around 1 hour and 9 minutes. A very important thing is that I managed to find a way to survive grenade and rocket jumps on Nightmare, so some levels will more or less be cut in half.  
[22] Chin
  Watching you play is funnier than playing it myself. ^^  
[23] awsome598
  it would have been better in nightmare mode if they took out the health deacreasing and not taking out the med packs  
[24] byah
  8:39 = hilarious  
[25] doom!!!
  lol u made my sister dizzy by moving around to much  
[26] Okgenuine
  Just the first 25 minutes of that was better than most movies I've seen in the theater.  
[27] Blazyken
  sweet skills...  
[28] Cebban
  That's awsome =)  
  Shoot civilian? Good send to heaven early 1st before the hell taken them ^^.  
[30] Corinne
  Wow, good job on that.  
[31] Alex
  You are a crazy man...  
[32] anonymous
  Doom 3 - complete fignya as compared to Doom 1. And why was it to pass this ****? And concerning passing - well so nothing special. Because bad game and bad passing. If any American younger 20 years played the first parts... Would know what real Doom.  
[33] Doom 3 Veteran
  Enemy health values were reduced through the DEF files.  

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